The primary goal of Shuddha Committee is to provide a widely recognized Certification programme which will enable vegetarians to make accurate and informed food choices. To promote the interests, concerns and ideals of Hinduism and individuals and organizations that choose a vegetarian lifestyle, That they can be confident in their choices and manufacturers claims. This resulted in the creation of the Shuddha Committee`s official guidelines for accreditation of products and the use of the the Shuddha Logo.

The South African Hindu Maha Sabha, as the Parent Body representing all Hindus in South Africa has taken on this responsibility. The Shuddha Logo is the official registered trademark of the South African Hindu Maha Sabha (SAHMS). Food manufacturing companies are also beginning to realise the potential of using the logo on their range of products. Many manufacturers market their products as vegetarian. Closer investigation often reveals that such products contain animal fats or additives of animal origin.

The SAHMS Shuddha Committee is a non- profit organization. All fees and charges are levied to cover administrative costs.


What is a Shuddha product?

A Shuddha accredited product ingredients may include dairy and does not include meat, eggs or meat by-products.

Do you own a food brand?